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List of three `Preliminary Titles' and forty-two `Titles of the first Order' prepared for the proposed second edition of Human Blood.
Related Material:
For the printed list which this supersedes, see Works, vol. 10, pp. 12-13.
For other copies of this list see BP 18, fols. 49v-50, BP 26, fol 46. In the latter, the items are unnumbered. See also BP 18, fols. 56-7.
Fol. 45v-46 (2 leaves)
c. 1682
The items are annotated with a double set of numbers, one of which notes its place in this list as prepared for the second edition, and the other which gives the number of the equivalent category in the printed list, where appropriate.
Hand: Greg
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    Archive reference: BP 18, fol. 45v-46r

This is an image of BP 18, fol. 45v-46r.
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