Document Title:
MS versions of two sections of text of Usefulness, II, sect. 2
Related Material:
Works, vol. 6, pp. 439-42, 445.
See also BP 28, fols. 381-9; BP 38, fol. 27b.
Fols. 71-4 (4 leaves)
Late 1650s or early 1660s
Both from essay on `Usefulness of Mathematics':(i) Text overlapping with, but significantly different from, opening section of essay (fols. 71-3); for more, see BP 38, fol. 27b.(ii) Most of the final paragraph in point `3', missing last few words (fol. 74), which are on top of BP 28, fol. 381.
Hand: rounded 1650s (71-3), italic 1650s (74)
Physical Description:

    Archive reference: BP 17, fol. 70v-71r

This is an image of BP 17, fol. 70v-71r.
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