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List of `Experiments to be made in seald R[eceiver]'.
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Works, vol. 6, pp. 11-13, 251-4; Works, vol. 7, pp. 87, 97
Fol. 118 (1 leaf)
Includes various experiments published by Boyle, including ones in 'Relation between Light and Air' (Phil. Trans., 1668) (`Sealing up of rotten wood that shines' and `The sealing of faintly shining fish') 'Respiration' (Phil. Trans., 1670) (`The Sealing up of Insects') and `Of the Difficulty of Producing Flame without Air', experiment I, and `Of the Difficulty of Preserving Flame without Air', experiment I (Flame and Air) (`Seal up a little Brimstone & try to burne it'). Hand: E
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    Archive reference: BP 10, fol. 117v-118r

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