Document Title
`Notes on the Essay concerning Saltpetir'.
Related Material:
Works, vol. 2, pp. 90-1.
Previously unpublished section published in ibid., pp. xvii-xviii.
Fols. 82-5 (4 leaves)
1650s or early 1660s
Manuscript version of the final section of the preface to 'Some Specimens of an Attempt to make Chymical Experiments Useful to Illustrate the Notions of the Corpuscular Philosophy' in Certain Physiological Essays, with material later discarded. Endorsed by Boyle on fol. 85v: 'Præface to my Promiscuous Exp[eriments]'.
Hand: two 1650s
Physical Description:

    Archive reference: BP 10, fol. 83v-84r

This is an image of BP 10, fol. 83v-84r
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