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'A Continuation of (Printed) Addenda to my severall Treatises' [Workdiary 22, part 2].
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Workdiary 22, part 2.
The following entries were used in books by Boyle:
22-124 et seq. (fols. 94v-8), Languid Motion, Works, vol. 10, p. 336.
22-202 (fols. 114v-5), Languid Motion, Works, vol. 10, pp. 294-5.
See also BP 8, fols. 65-91.
Fols. 92-116 (25 leaves)
Late 1660s - early 1670s
Extracts, in English, Latin, French, and Italian, mostly on natural phenomena, some from Purchas's Pilgrims.
Hands: E, F, G, Q, R, Slare, unidentified
Physical Description:
English, Latin, French, Italian

    Archive reference: BP 8, fol. 93v-94r

This is an image of BP 8, fol. 93v-94r.
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