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MS version of parts of Reason and Religion and Christ. Virt., I, Appendix.
Related Material:
(1) Works, vol. 8, pp. 267-73.
(2) Works, vol. 12, pp. 397-8.
For a copy, see BP 5, fol. 101.
Fols. 48-57 (10 leaves)
(1) Most of all three (numbered) parts of section VI of Reason and Religion:
(i) latter portion of part 1 (fol. 56 top, followed by fols. 52-4); follows BP 2, fols. 72-5; this endorsed in pencil, `Sect the '
(ii) part 2 (fols. 56-7)
(iii) part 3 (fols. 48-51).

(2) Fol. 55, in same hand, is MS version of a final paragraph in conference III, argument IV, in Christian Virtuoso, I, Appendix , some changes before publication.
Hand: E, some corrections by Boyle
Physical Description:

    Archive reference: BP 2, fol. 49v-50r

This is an image of BP 2, fol. 49v-50r.
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