PhD Students: Training & Methodologies Podcasts

A collection of podcasts on methodological approaches and research, including 'Developing Your Research Career' workshops. The full list of podcasts from all BISR Events can be found here.

Developing Your Research Career: Cultivating Research Impact through Social Media

Developing Your Research Career: Influencing Parliament and the Policy Process: An Insider's Guide - Alasdair Mackenzie and David Hough

Developing Your Research Career: Uncovering the Wellcome Library - Ross McFarlane

Developing Your Research Career: How to Write Successful Grant Proposals - Anthony Woods

Developing Your Research Career: Research Grants - Liz Francis

Developing Your Research Career: Publishing Journal Articles - Miriam Zukas, Li Wei and Esther Leslie

Developing Your Research Career: Publishing a Book - Stephen Frosh and Catherine Gray

Blogging to Help Develop Your Research Career - Sarah-Louise Quinnell

Burning Memories: Sacrifice and the Unconscious in History - Uri Hadar and Stephen Frosh

Using Narratives to Study Social Change - Molly Andrews

Multimodal Methods for Researching Digital Data - Carey Jewitt

Narrative Networks: Storied Approaches in a Digital Age - Brian Alleyne

Social Science, Critique and the Rich - Andrew Sayer

Brown Moses: Investigating Conflict Zones through Social Media - Eliot Higgins

Living Apart Together: A Multi-Method Analysis - Sasha Roseneil, Simon Duncan and Miranda Phillips

Reflections on Social Change: Metamorphosis or Transformation? Birkbeck Institute Graduate Conference 2015 - Cristina Flesher Fominaya, Liz Kelly and Illan rua Wall

A Tribute to Horace Ové - Various Speakers