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BISR Graduate Seminar in Social Research

PhD Students - would you like:

  • an opportunity to meet other social research PhD students ?
  • to discuss your research, and present work in progress?
  • to explore issues of methodology, research design and epistemology?
  • to develop your reflective practice as a social researcher?
  • to choose interesting visiting speakers to invite to Birkbeck?
  • to explore key theoretical debates within contemporary social research? a supportive and intellectually challenging environment

The BISR Graduate Seminar is a fortnightly seminar open to PhD students from across Birkbeck who are working on social research theses in the School of Social Science, History and Philosophy, School of Arts or the School of Law.

The Graduate Seminar aims to support and enhance the supervision and training students already receive in their own Schools.

More information about the 2017-18 Graduate Seminar will be published in due course.