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Population, Environment & Resources Podcasts

A collection of podcasts from events and workshops held at Birkbeck that focused on the themes of population, environment and resources. 

More information about the Population, Environment and Resources (PER) Working Group

Full list of podcasts from all BISR events

The New Nationalism: the rise of the Populist Right in the West

Revolutions in a Warming World: Lessons from Syria

On the Demographic Basis of Democratization

The Challenge of Climate Change: What Can and Can’t Be Fixed?

Beyond the Skyline: Addressing London's Housing Crisis - Various Speakers

Architecture in Time: The Temporal Conditions of Design - Various Speakers

Our Kind of Town? Citizen Social Science, Participatory Mapping and the Struggle for a Just City - Phil Cohen

Street Art and the Contemporary City - Alison Young

Celebration Capitalism: the London Olympics and Its Discontents - Jules Boykoff