Past Visiting Research Fellows


  • Dr Brigida Marovelli
    • Brigida is currently Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the European Research Council funded SHARECITY project, led by Professor Anna Davies at Trinity College Dublin and is a Visiting Research Fellow at BISR until April 2017. The project aims to assess the sustainability potential of food sharing economies in cities. Brigida contributes to the project with her expertise in contemporary food sharing practices both as an academic and as a practitioner.
    • Brigida is conducting research in London and Athens, as case studies for SHARECITY research project.
    • Brigida was awarded her PhD in 2013 by Brunel University, UK, with a doctoral research exploring the dynamic relationship between place, history and landscape in an urban food market, Catania, Sicily and how this market informs a mythological image of the island.  She examined the ways in which this image has been constructed through ideas of history, space, landscape, modernity and tradition. She also completed a MSc in Medical Anthropology, Brunel Univesity, UK, with a dissertation focused on food narratives in three different generation of Italian women in Rome.
    • She has a wealth of experience in teaching research methodology in social sciences and in supervising students’ research projects. Brigida has also organised campaigning events against food waste and food poverty, collaborating with international charities, institutions, gleaning networks and many people involved in alternative food networks across Europe. She has co-founded the Dinner Exchange London, a community interest company, whose primary aim is to bring to the table the issues of food waste by facilitating a relaxed, informal opportunity to think about, and to discuss, the values ascribed to food. The focus of our events is on food sustainability and on guilt-free consumption.
    • Read Dr Marovelli's Blog post on her research
  • Professor Dr. Frederik Swennen (BiGS)
    • Frederik is a professor of law and holds the chair of family & kinship studies at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) since 2002. He is a Visiting Fellow at BISR until May 2017, and will be working with Birkbeck Gender and Sexuality (BiGS) during his stay.  His Fellowship aims to apply socio-legal methods to his sabbatical research leave project “Rethinking the Horizontal Family”. He aims to empirically ground and theoretically inform his legal research into adult relationships beyond coupledom.
    • Frederik received his PhD in Law at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) in 2000, on a project researching the legal status of mentally incapacitated adults that inspired a legislative reform in 2013. He is chair of the Flemish-Dutch Scientific Research Network of the Flemish Research Council “RETHINKIN. Rethinking Legal Kinship and Family Studies in the Low Countries” (  and co-promoter of a University of Antwerp multidisciplinary centre of research excellence “FAMCARE – Family Dynamics and Care”, involving law, medicine and sociology ( His research projects and publications focus on alternative family formations and on private ordering in family law, applying various kinship studies’ theoretical frameworks to his legal research.
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  • Dr Caroline Rusterholz (BiGS)
    • Caroline Rusterholz holds a PhD in History from the University of Fribourg. Her research interests lie in gender history, history of birth control, historical demography, family history and history of medicine. In August 2015, she was awarded a visiting scholarship from the Swiss National Foundation to spend two terms at the University of Cambridge and two terms at Birkbeck University to work on her new project entitled "From birth control to family planning: a transfer of knowledge? Gendering the medical bodies from a transnational perspective, France and England 1930- 1975”. Recent publications include: 'Reproductive behavior and contraceptive practices in comparative perspective, Switzerland (1955-1970)' in The History of the Family (2015), “Fathers in 1960s’ Switzerland: A silent revolution?” in Gender and History, and 'Costs of children and models of parenthood, evidence from two Swiss cities, (1955-1970)' in The Journal of family history, 2015.
    • Caroline was a Visiting Fellow at BISR from February -December 2016 and worked with Birkbeck Gender and Sexuality (BiGS) during her stay.
    • Read Dr Rusterholz's Blog post on her research










British Psychoanalytical Society/Birkbeck Fellowship Scheme

This scheme, which has now ended, allowed a distinguished psychoanalyst, nominated jointly by Birkbeck College and the British Psychoanalytical Society, to hold a fractional appointment as a Visiting Fellow at the College.


  • Dr David Bell
    • David Bell  is a Training and Supervising psychoanalyst of the  British Psychoanalytic  Society, and has just stood from being its President. He is a consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy in the Adult Dept of  the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust  where he is director of Fitzjohns Unit, a specialist unit for serious/complex  psychological disorders .  He teaches Freud and the history of psychoanalytic concepts at the Institute of Psychoanalysis and at the Tavistock Clinic . He writes and lectures on a variety of subjects including the history and development of psychoanalytic concepts, psychosis, personality disorder, suicide and  trauma. Throughout his professional career he has been deeply involved in the relation between psychoanalysis and other disciplines  such as literature,  philosophy , culture and socio-political issues and has  made  numerous contributions in these areas. For  ten years he co-chaired a study group on philosophy and psychoanalysis. He is one of the UKs  leading psychiatric expert in asylum/human rights.
    • Publications  include 'Reason and Passion', 'Psychoanalysis and Culture: a Kleinian perspective' and 'Paranoia'. He participated in a discussion with the actor Simon Russell Beale and the director Terry Hands on the charcter of Iago, which has been produced as a DVD 'Iago on the couch'.


  • Dr Rosine Perelberg
    • Rosine Jozef Perelberg is a Training Analyst and Supervisor and a Fellow of the British Psycho-Analytical Society where she is currently Chair of the Fellowship Programe (Post Graduate Programe) and Member of the Training Staff and Education Committees. She is a member of the International Psychoanalytic Association, Corresponding Member of the Société Psychanalytique de Paris. She gained  a PhD in Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics, University of London. She is the Professorial Fellow for Birkbeck University and the British Psycho-analytical Society for 2011-12.  She co-edited with Joan Raphael-Leff Female Experience: Four Generations of British Women Psychoanalysts on Work with Women (1997, second edition 2008). She has edited Psychoanalytic Understanding of Violence and Suicide (1998, translated Violence et Suicide, 2004, PUF)), Dreaming and Thinking (2000, 2003, 2005, 2008), Freud:  A Modern Reader ( 2005)  and Time and Memory (2007). She has written Time, Space and Phantasy (2008).  In 2006 she was named one of the ten women of the year by the Brazilian National Council of women. She has a psychoanalytic private practice in London. During the academic year she will be offering a Public Inaugural Lecture and a series of open workshops, centered on the themes of Maternal and Paternal Functions in Psychoanalysis and Legend.


  • Gregorio Kohon is a psychoanalyst at the British Psycho-Analytical Society and joint visiting professorial fellow in the Institute for Social Research and the Institute for the Humanities at Birkbeck, 2010-11. He has edited The British School of Psychoanalysis - The Independent Tradition (Free Associaion Books  1986), and The Dead Mother - The Work of André Green (Routledge, 1999). He also published No Lost Certainties to be Recovered (Karnac, 1999) and Love and its Vicissitudes (co-authored with André Green) (Routledge, 2005).  His novel Papagayo Rojo, Pata de Palo (Finalist, 2001 Fernando Lara Prize, Editorial Planeta, Barcelona) was published by Libros del Zorzal (Buenos Aires, 2003). The English translation of the novel (Red Parrot, Wooden Leg) was published by Karnac in 2007. Gregorio Kohon has also published four books of poetry in Spanish. His latest collection, El Estilo del Deseo, was published in 2008 by Grupo Editor Latinoamericano, Buenos Aires. He is a training and supervising analyst at the BPAS.


  • Ignes Sodre