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Reading Groups

Freud Reading Groups

For more information please contact Lisa Baraitser l.baraitser@bbk.ac.uk

There are two Freud Reading Groups that were established in 2006, for Birkbeck faculty members, with the aim of completing a contextualized and chronological reading of the entire works of Freud.

Members of the groups come from diverse backgrounds across the Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences, and include academics and post-graduate students working across the College in History, English, Gender & Sexuality, Psychology, Psychosocial Studies, Philosophy, Politics & Sociology, as well as a number of clinical psychotherapists, making for a rich interdisciplinary discussion of Freud’s work and contribution to contemporary thought.

These are reading and study groups, rather than teaching groups. One is organized primarily by post-graduate students, and the other by Faculty. The two groups come together during the year for occasional study days, workshops and seminars in order to share ideas and support each other’s learning.

These groups are open to new members at the beginning of each academic year, space permitting. Members are then expected to make a commitment to attending the group for a year.