Past winners

2015-16 winners |

7005 copyRicardo Matos Cabo and Selina Robertson, with The Apparitional: films by Barbara Hammer and Sandra Lahire


Güneş Tavmen and Hannah Barton, with What Things Are, and What Things Do


2014-15 winners | 

German ManSarah ScarsbrookRuth Solomons and Niki Zanti, with a symposium on the notion of artistic identity.

19 May 2015 | Visual Artists Today: Symposium on the Artist Identity

2-6pm | Peltz Gallery, 43 Gordon Square

Resulting in a Special Issue: The Artist IdentityDandelion: postgraduate arts journal, 6, 1 (2015); including the editorial by Niki, Sarah and Ruth.


2013-14 winners |

Éimear Doherty and Stefania Donini | BBKtalks : Working in the Arts


Frouitt--5Rowan Aust, Jessica Borge and Richard Evans | with a symposium on what it is that we share—practices, language, objects, places, memory—with those in the communities in which we live, work and play. 

12 May 2014Holding Things in Common: the Vernacular, Everyday Objects and Memory.

Resulting in a Special Issue: Holding Things in Common, Dandelion: postgraduate arts journal, 5, 2 (2015); including the editorial by Richard Evans  and John O’Brien.