This initiative intends to support a three-year themed-project involving collaboration with another Research Centre, Institute and/or individuals and organisations, with the aim to develop a fully realised research project. Applications are sought for help to set up a single-themed research project, to turn an initial idea into a fully conceived venture (i.e. a funding application; publications like an edited collection; curatorial projects or exhibitions). The partner, along with BIRMAC, will develop a series of events and activities across a three-year period, with a budget of £300 per year. This could include (but not exclusively) sandbox initiatives, workshops, symposia, panel and keynote presentations, conferences, film screenings, exhibitions and/or other curated projects. Over the course of the three years it is expected that the project will demonstrate networking potential and a clear progression from conception to completion, thus helping to further innovative interdisciplinary research in the School of Arts.

Given that these are collaborative interdisciplinary projects BIRMAC expects its partners to contribute to the network in some way, either with funding or in kind (in resources or services). It is essential that the project must involve an equal partnership, so as to demonstrate the inter-disciplinary nature of the network and research enterprise.


2017-2020 :