Our Researchers

Andrew Asibong | film and psychosocial change | French cinema | the aesthetics of blankness | psychoanalytic dialogues | metamorphoses of kinship & community

Current PhD students: Geoff Brown | Bruce Eadie | Pauline Eaton | Clare Havell | John Rignell

Mike Allen  | history of media technologies | post-WWII British cinema and television | contemporary American film and television | media representations of the Cold War and the space age | digital culture and interactive media |  early cinema and the films of D.W. Griffith | transition to synch sound Cinema | early modern media and colonial India.

Current PhD students: Mara Arts | David Cottis

Silke Arnold-de Simine | mediating memory in the museum | cultural memory | difficult heritage | commemoration and identity politics | re-mediation and transmediality | Remembering in Ruins

Current PhD students: Clare Havell | Leila Nassereldein | Tamsin Silvey | Elizabeth Burden | Mark Callaghan | Bruce Eadie

Sophie Hope | socially engaged art | community art histories | practice-based research | labour conditions in the arts and creative industries |  physical and emotional relationships to work | employability and placements in higher education.

Current PhD students: Viviane Blanchard | Sarah Scarsbrook | Ruth Solomons

Tim Markham | journalism | war and conflict | media sociology | phenomenology | media and politics | audience research | social media | celebrity | political theory | Arab media.

Current PhD students: Sara Aly | Mara Arts | Cathrin Bengesser | Josephine Coleman | Adam Cox | Padideh Parvini

Janet McCabe | feminism and feminist film theory | contemporary TV culture, particularly US television | television and cultural representations of women, femininity and female sexuality | global femininities and trading television | UK public service television culture and TV drama formats | remembering feminism, cultural memory/history and television.

Current PhD students: Cathrin Bengesser | Olivia Hinkin | Sara Linden | Selina Robertson

Joel McKim | media and cities | digital culture | architecture and design theory | animation and expanded media | critical and cultural theory

Current PhD Students: Hannah Barton | Elizabeth Burden | Ricardo Domizio | Cansu Safak | Güneş Tavmen | Aaron Vansintjan

Scott Rodgers media and urban politics | geographies of journalism | media production spaces | digital localism | social media and urban public lifephenomenological approaches to media and technology | ethnographic methodologies

Current PhD students: Hannah Barton | Josephine Coleman | Richard Evans | Parnian Ferdossi | Dario Lolli | Matthew Morgan | Emmanuel Ohajah | Giancarlo SandovalGüneş Tavmen

Justin Schlosberg | media ownership |  policy and regulation | national security journalism | ideology critique | media political economy | agenda setting and media effects | alternative and non-profit media. 

Current PhD students: Adam Cox 

Simone Wesner | artists’ identities and career trajectories | cultural policies for artists|cultural values and policies in Germany| grounded theory| creativity in virtual learning environments

Current PhD students: Sarah Scarsbrook | Ruth Solomons