Birkbeck Interdisciplinary Research in Media and Culture (BIRMAC) provides a unique space for reflective critical inquiry, where researchers from different disciplines can gather and participate in a sustained intellectual conversation in a truly interdisciplinary context. It offers an open forum for research development and knowledge exchange, focused both on the work of academics and the research of graduate students. It facilities and advances innovative thinking and seeks to incubate curiosity and new ideas, drawing together a range of interests to create different kinds of connections and intellectual associations in and through interdisciplinary dialogue. At its core, BIRMAC is a place for possibility and learned argument.

As part of this intellectual ambition, BIRMAC has identified a single theme to be curated over a three-year period. This extended term is designed to allow for a more robust and sustained dialogue to evolve at a more measured pace and create something different by crossing intellectual boundaries and thinking across subjects. Different scholars from different disciplines, with different objects of study and at different times, will take the lead on developing the theme in and through a truly interdisciplinary and cross-discipline form of critical inquiry.


Our first theme is Ruin/s, curated by Dr. Silke Arnold-de-Simine.


BIRMAC’s co-directors, Dr. Lorraine Lim and Dr. Janet McCabe, manage the activities of the Centre. If you have any enquiries, please contact them.