BIRMAC is delighted to announce the publication of the latest issue of Dandelion: postgraduate arts journal, 6, 1 (2015), a special entitled, The Artist Identity.
Ruth Solomons image for HubEdited by our 2014-15 Student Competition winnersDr. Niki Zanti, Sarah Scarsbrook and Ruth Solomons, this special issue is an extension of their symposium, held in May 2015, on the question of artist identity in arts policy and management, art history, sociology, marketing, as well as considerations of the notion in public discourse more broadly. Asking the question ‘what is an artist’? the issue encourages further debate on the ways in which the artist identity is created, nurtured, sustained and challenged. 

This special issue open call for papers aimed at encouraging further debate on this notion and invited submissions which engage with questions of artist identity in these related fields. Considering that identities are both the outcomes of situations, as well as elements that contribute to the modelling of behaviour in situations, it is contended that an explanation of the concept can lead to an exploration of its explanatory power.’

— Niki Zanti, Sarah Scarsbrook and Ruth Solomons