Holly Aylett read English at Cambridge University before joining the BBC and then becoming an independent documentary filmmaker working widely internationally. In 2002 she became a senior lecturer in Film Studies at London Metropolitan University and helped set up their MA in Creative Industries. She is a founding editor of Vertigo Magazine, 1993-2010, UK’s leading independent film quarterly, founding Director of the Independent Film Parliament, 2003 – 2010, and Director of UK Coalition for Cultural Diversity which represents UNESCO’s Convention on Diversity of Cultural Expressions, 2005, in this country. Recently she was the Head of Research for the European Women’s Audiovisual Network, where she compiled ‘Where are the Women Directors in European Films’ report. 


EWA - european women’s audiovisual network

She is currently based at Birkbeck College, and advises on audiovisual and cultural policy.

Selected publications :

Where are the Women Directors in European Films?  2016, EWA, Strasbourg

Mark Karlin: Look Again, 2014, Liverpool University Press