Dr LUO Xiaoming is an Associate Research Fellow, Program in Cultural Studies at Shanghai University, China. She is also member of the Steering Committee of the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society, the organizer of the ‘Our City’ Citizen Forum in Shanghai, and currently a Research Fellow at BIRMAC in the Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies Department.

Her research interest lies in urban cultural studies. One main current research project is ‘Home Living of Urban Youth in Shanghai,’ which focuses on a new way of understanding the different priorities young people in Shanghai have when they organise and manage their living situations. This study involves putting together a comprehensive economic calculation related to their housing, but also aims to investigate values, desires and aesthetics which form the basis of future ‘dream’ lives.

Another research interest stems from her social practice and focuses on the pedagocization of everyday life, which suggests that forms of schooling have spread beyond the classroom into many other domains of social life. One important aspect of this research is to think about the ways in which to create new educational spaces for citizens to discuss emerging city problems, as well as imagine alternative ways of urban living.

Her publications include:

2012. The Solo of Form – The Case Study of Shanghai “Phase Two” Curriculum Reform.

2015. Tickets for the Future: Cultural Analysis of Everyday Life.

2013. ‘The Hopeless Bullet: On Let the Bullets Fly,’ Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, 3: 512-517.

2011. ‘Curriculum Reform in the Course of Social Transformation: The Case of Shanghai,’ Cultural Studies,  25 (1): 42 – 54.