Birkbeck 200: towards our third century

In 2023, Birkbeck will reach a very special milestone: our 200th anniversary.

Perhaps the most striking reflection about nearing our bicentennial is how little the core mission of our institution has changed – and for good reason.

The people, technology and the capital city itself have changed beyond recognition across these past two centuries. But George Birkbeck’s mission of providing evening university education for all remains our mission today, because it remains absolutely vital.

We want to hear from you

We want to continue to make a positive impact on London, its people and the wider world, by entering our third century bursting with energy, creativity and innovation. Although our bicentennial year is some time away, we believe the journey towards our third century begins now.

And that is where you come in: we are reaching out to you, our friends and supporters, to ask how you would like to see our 200th birthday celebrated. We do want to look back over our rich 200-year history, but we also want to look forward to the next 200 years.

We want to hear your ideas for how we can mark 2023.

  • What would make a fitting event, legacy or celebration?
  • How might we harness the power of the digital age to illuminate our research?
  • How can our former students contribute to, and help shape, our future?
  • How can we share the many stories of transformation in which Birkbeck has played a part?

Your ideas will help us to find the brightest, most rewarding ways to enter a new era for Birkbeck, still grounded in George Birkbeck’s rallying cry: ‘Now is the time for the universal benefits of the blessings of knowledge.'

Please share your ideas by using the contact options on the right (or below, if you're on mobile).