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Karen Atkinson

BSc Biological Sciences

'I’d decided to do a degree and liked the idea of doing it part-time. I’ve always been interested in science and wanted to explore that further, so I enrolled on a part-time BSc Biological Sciences at Birkbeck. The reputation of the University of London was very important to me, especially because I intended to embark upon a second career, so I needed a prestigious degree. I have a previous BA in Psychology, but it was a totally different experience. At Birkbeck there was a lot more support from the tutors. I think the difference at Birkbeck is about recognising that students have work and lives to lead outside of their studies.

'I worked for the first two years of my degree, so the flexibility of studying in the evening was very important to me.

'My family and friends thought that coming back to study was an amazing decision and they were 100% behind me.  My work colleagues were also very supportive. A number of them were recent graduates and were very encouraging. There was never any problem with me having to leave work on time for lectures. 

'My relationship with fellow students was very good and I think that was one of the highlights for me, - I suddenly found myself surrounded by like-minded people. Everyone comes from different backgrounds with very different ages, but we were all here for a common purpose - it was very bonding and massively exceeded my expectations on that level. The tutors were just great. At a College like this, where students are often older, there is a much more professional adult relationship.  I still keep in touch with my supervisor and many of my fellow students.

'The experience of studying at Birkbeck has given me a slightly different perspective on life, it’s made me value things differently.  The knowledge I have gained enhances my everyday living -I look at things now with a scientist’s hat on. I am now looking for a job where I can use the skills I have learned in my degree. If that involves further study then I would look to do something further at Birkbeck. Without a doubt, I would recommend Birkbeck to others. I think the part-time flexibility allows you to get a top rate degree from a good University without having to compromise on the rest of your life.'

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'My relationship with fellow students was very good.'