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Summer research lab experience

If you're thinking about a career in science and want to gain experience in cutting-edge research you should consider coming to work with us on our Summer Internship scheme. We are a small, friendly department, located in the heart of London.

What are the benefits of a summer internship with us?

  • You'll be part of one of our interdisciplinary research teams working in a group headed by world-leading experts in their fields.
  • You'll gain experience of some key scientific research techniques: X-ray crystallography; electron microscopy; single molecule biophysics; computational biology.
  • You'll be able to swap experiences with fellow students and get careers advice from mentors.

Read about the experiences of one of our 2017 interns, Abbie Curd, who has won the prestigious Eisenthal Prize, from the Biochemical Society, for her internship report.

Projects and how to apply

A list of projects will be made available in the autumn term. Potential interns should contact the relevant supervisor by the end of January prior to the internship or by the date specified in the particular project description. You can contact us if you have queries about summer internships.