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Help and support

We provide support services for students on all courses, from Certificate through to PhD, offering advice and guidance to help you get the most from your studies at Birkbeck.

Support offered in the department

Pastoral support

Your Programme Director will help you make academic decisions about your path through the programme. There are further pastoral support mechanisms, including allocated personal tutors and staff contacts who can offer advice in specialist areas such as disability or safety guidelines.
Research and project students at Master’s and BSc level also benefit from the support of academic/research supervisors.

Moodle - online course content

Course/module materials, syllabus and timetables are available through Birkbeck Moodle, our virtual learning environment.

Computing and IT services

The department's computer support group is responsible for computing resources used for teaching and research. We have an extensive network of Unix and VMS servers. A central file server controls access to the shared disk space and a number of workstations are dedicated as computer servers, while others support real-time interactive graphics work for research projects.

Research funding

Our research attracts significant funding and each year we have a range of studentships. You can find out more about research funding on the main College website.

Find out more about Postgraduate funding on the main College website.

College-wide student support

External library resources

Exit awards arising from BSc programmes

  • If you started on one of our BSc degrees (BSc Biomedicine) and, for whatever reason, were unable to complete the programme you could still be eligible for a named award. The available exit awards are: Certificate of Continuing Education (60 credits), Certificate of Continuing Education (120credits), Diploma of Higher Education (240 credits).
    Your exit award would include the modules you passed on your partial BSc programme.