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Dr Rex Palmer

Emeritus Reader in Structural Crystallography

Contact details

tel: 020 7631 6875

About Dr Rex Palmer

Research interests

  • For full details of Dr Palmer's research roles, projects and publications see his website.

    Structure and function of biologically active molecules in general with particular reference to:

    1. Ribonuclease structure and function.

      Current research involves the 100K 0.85Å structure of orthorhombic bovine Rnase with data recorded at the Diamond Synchrotron. Planned extension of this work will involve collection of neutron diffraction data at ILL in 2014.

    2. Mistletoe lectin, sambucus niger lectin, RIP toxins and other lectin protein structures
    3. Drug Design and Small Molecule Crystallography (including anticonvulsants and steroids)
    4. Cyclosporin structures.
    5. Sodium Channel binding drugs.
    6. Molecular Modelling and Dynamics.
    7. Structural studies are undertaken using X-ray crystallographic analysis or neutron diffraction
    8. A recent innovation is the 100K 0.92Å resolution structure of Human Recombinant Insulin with data recorded at the Diamond Synchrotron. The study involves comparison of this structure with that of another form of HR Insulin deposited in the PDB in 2013 (same resolution and temperature).


    Professor B Z Choudhry (Greenwich)

    Professor C D Reynolds (John Moores)

    Dr B Howlin (Surrey)

    Dr J Saldanha (NIMR)

    Dr D R Lisgarten (Canterbury)

    Dr J N Lisgarten (Greenwich)

    Dr B S Potter

    Dr Madeleine Helliwell (Manchester)

    Dr Carina Lobeley (Diamond)

    Professor Thomas Sorensen (Diamond)

    Dr Anna Warren (Diamond)

    Professor J Cooper (Royal Free)

    Dr M Sanderson (King’s London)

    Dr M F C  Ladd (Surrey)

Recent publications

  • Books and book chapters

    Structure Determination by X-ray Crystallography: Analysis by X-rays and Neutrons M.F.C. Ladd and R.A. Palmer Klewer/Plenum New York Fifth edition: 2013 [756 pages plus CD and availability as e-book and/or individual e-chapters]

    Review of Benzyl Pyrimidines and Benzyl Triazines (Lamotrigines): Sodium Channel Binding Drugs and Anticonvulsants, R. A. Palmer, B. S. Potter, M. J. Leach and B. Z. Chowdhury, Invited Book Chapter on Chemical Crystallography (2014) [In Preparation for]


    The Ni(II) Complex of 2-Hydroxy-Pyridine-N-Oxide 2-Isothionate: Synthesis, Characterization, Biological Studies, and X-ray Crystal Structures using (1) Cu Kα Data and (2) Synchrotron Data” Mohamed A. Makhyoun, Rex A. Palmer, Amina A.Soayed, Heba M. Refaat, Dina E. Basher, James Raftery, Carina Lobely, Anna Warren, Thomas Sorensen, and Mark Ladd. Journal of Materials Science & Nanotechnology (2014) 1 (3)

    The Neutron Structure of the Formyl Peptide Receptor Antagonist Cyclosporin H (CsH) Unambiguously Determines the Solvent and Hydrogen-Bonding Structure for Crystal Form II” Anna S Gardberg, Brian S Potter, Rex A Palmer, Garry J McIntyre and Dean A A Myles. Journal of Chemical Crystallography (2011) 41 (4) 470-480.

    Crystal Structure, Conformational Analysis and Molecular Dynamics Study of the Novel Steroidal Tetrazole Derivative HS-989:(25R)-3,12a-diaza-A,C-bishomo-5a-spirostano[3,4-d] [12a 12d] bistetrazole David R. Lisgarten, Joanna S. Fell,  John N. Lisgarten, Harkishan Singh and Rex A. Palmer Journal of Chemical Crystallography (2010) 40 185-190

    Low Temperature Crystal Structure of N-Acetyl-L-Glutamic Acid: Comparison with the DFT Calculated Structure” Nighat Kausar, Bruce D. Alexander, Rex A. Palmer, Brian S. Potter, Trevor J. Dines, Madeleine Helliwell, Babur Z. Chowdhry (2010) Journal of Chemical Crystallography (40) 7 602 – 607.

    Central Nervous System Drugs: Low Temperature X-ray Structures of (I) the Base 5-(2,3-Dichlorophenyl)-2,4-diamino-6-fluoromethyl-pyrimidine (4030W92) and (II) 5-(2,6-Dichlorophenyl)-1-H-2,4-diamino-6-methyl-pyrimidine methanesulphonic acid salt (227C89)”. Rex A. Palmer, Brian S. Potter, Madeleine Helliwell, Michael J. Leach, Babur Z. Chowdhry. J Chem Crystallogr (2009) 39:36–41