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Dr Geoff Coast

Emeritus Reader in Comparative Endocrinology

Contact details

tel: 020 7631-6245
fax: 020 7631-6246
office: room 417, main building, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX

About Dr Geoff Coast

Research interests

  • Dr Coast's research focuses on insect neuroendocrinology, particularly the endocrine control of excretory processes. Investigations study the effect of diuretic hormones at the cellular level (receptor binding, second messenger and ion transport studies), on the secretion of primary urine by isolated Malpighian tubules, and on fluid excretion in the intact insect. His research also covers the release of peptide hormones from neurohaemal organs and their degradation in the circulation.
    Working with Ron Nachman (USDA), Dr Coast's team develops pseudopeptide and non-peptide agonist and antagonists of diuretic hormones that might be used in the control of pest species.

Recent publications

  • Coast, G.M., Zabrocki, J. and Nachman, R.J. (2002). Diuretic and myotropic activities of N-terminal truncated analogs of Musca domestica kinin neuropeptide. Peptides 23:701-708.

    Nachman, R.J., Strey, A., Isaac, E., Pryor, N., Lopez, J.D., Deng, J.-G. and Coast, G.M. (2002). Enhanced in vivo activity of peptidase-resistant analogs of the insect kinin neuropeptide family. Peptides 23:735-745.

    Nachman, R.J., Zabrocki, J., Olczak, J., Williams, H.J., Moyna, G., Ian Scott, A. and Coast, G.M. (2002). cis-peptide bond mimetic tetrazole analogs of the insect kinins identify the active conformation. Peptides 23:709-716.

    Nachman, R.J., Coast, G.M., Tichy, S.E., Russell, D.H., Miller, J.A. and Predel, R. (2002). Occurrence of insect kinins in the flesh fly, stable fly and horn fly: mass spectrometric identification from single nerves and diuretic activity. Peptides 23:1885-1894.

    Furuya K, Milchak RJ, Schegg KM, Zhang J, Tobe SS, Coast GM, Schooley DA (2000) Cockroach diuretic hormones: characterization of a calcitonin-like peptide in insects. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 97:6469-6474.

    Lam, W., Coast, G. M., Rayne, R. C. (2000) Characterisation of multiple trypsins from the midgut of Locusta migratoria. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 30:85-94.

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