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Dr Jonathan M Slater

BSc, PhD
Department Gender Equality Champion

Committee member for the Electroanalytical Group of the RSC
Awarded Royal Society of Chemistry Silver Medal for Analytical Chemistry.

Contact details

tel: +44 (0)20 7079 0793
fax: +44 (0)20 7631-6246

Room 350, Birkbeck main building, Malet Street, London

About Dr Jonathan M. Slater

Research interests and projects

  • Electroanalytical methods of analysis, sensor development including: microsensors, gas and chemical sensors, pseudo intelligent instruments.

    Current projects include:

    • gas sensor arrays 'the electronic nose'
    • novel enzyme electrodes for use in environmental, clinical and industrial monitoring
    • conducting polymer and screen printed disposable sensors


  • Slater, J M, Stocking, C and Simpson C F (1997). Applications of capillary electrophoresis to Nephrology. Experimental Nephrology, 6, 415-420.

    Slater, J M, Lau, K T and Micklefield J (1997) The optimization of sorption sensor arrays for use in ambient conditions. Sensors and Actuators. B50, 69-79.

    Slater, J M, and Farrington, A M (1997) Prediction and characterization of the size and charge exclusion properties of over-oxidised Poly(pyrrole) Films. Electroanalysis. 9, 8433-847.

    Slater, JM, McAlernon, PM, Lowthian, P and Appleton, M (1996) Interpreting signals from an array of non-specific piezoelectric chemical sensors. Analyst 121, 743-74.