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Tom Foran
Christina Buchmann


Summer 2017 - Summer Vacation Students join the team

CMlab interns 2017

Zachary Brigden and Pat Lok, both from UCL, joined us this summer to get a flavour of life in the lab. Both Zach and Pat are at the end of their second year at UCL and are thinking about careers in research. Zach, supported by an award from the Biochemical Society, was working with Alex on the kinesin-5 from the malaria parasite and Pat was working with Fiona on the malaria parasite kinesin-8. They were both busy with cloning and bacterial growth experiments, along with the tricky business of protein purification. We very much enjoyed hosting them!

Zachary wrote a weekly blog about his experiences in the Moores lab - it gives a good insight into day-to-day research planning and execution.



Ottilie von LOEFFELHOLZ (Postdoc: 2013-2016)

Julia LOCKE (nee WENGER; Postdoc: 2012-2016)

Sam LACEY (MRes student: 2014-2015)

Zakiyya AHMED (PhD student: 2010-2014)

Adeline GOULET (Postdoc: 2010-2013)

Kanwal ZEHRA (PhD student: 2009-2013)

Nikita GANDHI (MRes student: 2010-2011)

Franck FOURNIOL (PhD student: 2005-2010)

Carsten PETERS (Postdoc: 2006-2010)

Christina HOEY (PhD student: 2006-2010)

Sahar REHMANN (MRes student: 2005-2006)

Andrew BODEY (PhD student: 2004-2009)