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GM project and GM worker amendments

Please also refer to information about the department's GM Safety Officers on the Who to contact page.

See also the College's Genetic Modification Guidelines -available on this page as downloadable PDF under section G: Genetic Modification Code of Practice 2014.

GM forms

Very important note: GM components of projects cannot start, whatever their category, until a GM form is approved for a project.

  • Amendments to existing forms should be sent to Dr Salvador Tomas by email. Please note: these will also need to be seen by Dr Jim Pitts before you can be advised on appropriate action (i.e. do nothing, or re-submit the project).
  • If you have any new projects please send Dr Salvador Tomas a completed GM form as an MS-Word document attachment via email, and also put a signed hard copy of the front page in his pigeonhole. You can obtain a current blank GM-form from the College Health and Safety forms page.

COSHH forms

Note: All laboratory work, regardless of GM status, must also be covered by a COSHH form [available from same page as the GM form], and this means that it's also your duty to inform workers in all relevant areas of any particular hazards (e.g. pathogens, or toxins) and necessary precautions and safe practices. Pathogenicity and toxicity related components of projects should always be reported to the College biological safety officer (Dr Jane Nicklin), well in advance of any intended experiments.

Personnel changes

You must notify Dr Salvador Tomas of any personnel changes to current GM workers in your group including:

  • Members of staff
  • Project students working for any period
  • Interns
  • Any other visitors or collaborators