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ISMB Electron Microscopy and Image processing

Electron microscopy lab web pages

EM equipment

  • For single particle EM and tomography, we have Tecnai 100, 120 kV, 200 kV FEG and 300 kV Polara machines, with a K2 direct electron detector and Quantum energy filter on the Polara, DE20 direct detectors on the Polara and F20, and a vitrobot for sample preparation.
  • Cell preparation equipment includes a high pressure freezer, cryo microtome and freeze substitution, as well as correlative cryo fluorescence microscopy/ cryo EM.

Image processing

  • Hardware: Linux cluster and graphics workstations, Zeiss SCAI scanner
  • Software: Spider, Imagic, MRC image programs, Relion, CCP4, EMAN, Amira, IMOD, Dynamo