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ISMB X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory

Laboratory Manager: Dr Nikos Pinotsis

The laboratory was completely refurbished in 2011 and now houses state-of-the-art equipment for successful screening and optimization of crystallographic experiments.  This research facility aims to provide a self-contained service to members of the department, as well as the broader ISMB.

Equipment overview:

  • robotics facilities for large-scale screening and production of ‘de novo’ optimization screens.
  • facilities for manual setup, as well as crystal manipulation and freezing.
  • 2 temperature-controlled rooms: one at 4°C and the other at 16°C (this one has automatic crystal storage and imagining systems for crystal detection).
  • a facility for in-house data collection using a modern rigaku detector with CCD image collection equipment.

Induction for new users

  • If you're a member of the department, or ISMB, and want to use the lab and its resources, please contact Dr Ambrose Cole to arrange a quick training session on lab equipment.

    • To help with this, there is a lab induction booklet which covers some of the safety considerations you need to be aware of when using the equipment.
    • After this induction, new users should fill in and return via email, a project form giving basic user and project information - this helps with lab management and synchrotron trip preparation.
    • Once the form is received and checked, swipe cards will be activated and user details will be sent out for CrystalTrak.

Equipment by location