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London Structural Biology Club

Venue Birkbeck Main Building
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Free entry; booking recommended

Event description

Presentations, 3-5pm

Networking and refreshments, 5-6pm

This meeting will be hosted by Dr Mark Pfuhl from King's College London and sponsored by Sigma-Aldrich.

The following presentations will be given:

Structural basis for membrane tethering by a bacterial dynamin-like pair
Harry Low, Imperial College
Dynamin-like proteins (DLPs) are large GTPases that restructure membranes. Our results show a highly dynamic membrane tethering machine and provide broad insights into how heterotypic DLPs such as the mitofusins and bacterial DynA tether membranes and prime for fusion.

Capturing membrane transporters in action using mass spectrometry
Argyris Politis, King's College London
We investigate the role of membrane lipids in the structure and function of transmembrane proteins. We showed that structural lipids enable the formation of functional oligomers of a eukaryotic transporter. We captured the conformational dynamics in a series of transporters using mutagenesis and substrates.

DNA processing and unwinding during bacterial conjugation. A Cryo-EM and biochemical study of a Relaxase
Aravindan Ilangovan, Birkbeck College
Relaxase is an essential protein for bacterial conjugation, the main process by which bacteria spread antibiotic resistance genes among themselves. This relaxase is a bifunctional protein and we have trapped it in one of the two states and through Cryo-EM solved its near atomic structure. The structure and biochemical analysis reveal mechanistic insights into relaxase mediated DNA processing and unwinding during conjugation.

The meeting will be held in B62/63.

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