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Policies and resources

College-wide policies

Please note: If you encounter a Server error message when going to the individual policy pages on the Birkbeck HR website, this is because you're currently logged in to the Birkbeck network or using a Birkbeck web service, and this creates a conflict with the access rights on the HR site. The current workaround (a permanent fix is some way off) is to copy the URL of the page you're trying to access and then pasting it into a new web browser window where you're not currently logged in to any Birkbeck site or service. For example, if you're viewing the Biological Sciences intranet in Firefox then open up a new browser window in Chrome and paste the URL of the HR page into that browser - you should then be able to view the HR page/rest of the HR site without errors.

Athena SWAN survey

The department has surveyed its staff and students in 2014, 2015, 2016  and 2017 to find out about awareness and experience of our policies and culture.

Promotion procedures

Anyone interested in applying for a promotion or pay award should contact their line manager or Head of Department, or raise this in their annual Progress & Development Review (PDR) meeting.

Deadlines for applications 2017/18:

Conferment of title 26 October 2017
Lecturer to Senior Lecturer
24 November 2017
Remuneration Committee
4 December 2017
Lecturer A to B 3 January 2018
Discretionary and accelerated increments: academic, non-professorial

2 February 2018

Researcher grading review and CRP award panel 16 February 2018
Contribution Related Pay: teaching and scholarship staff 23 March 2018
Contribution Related Pay: professional and support staff 11 April 2018



The College has a Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) award which includes pump-prime funding for mid-career academic researchers. These awards will give staff members a chance to revitalise their research by developing pump-priming proposals that are designed to lead to major grant applications. Particular consideration will be given to people who have had caring responsibilities.

MRC takes new approach to supporting tomorrow's medical researchers

  • They have removed eligibility criteria based on years of post-doctoral experience. This will allow for variations in career paths, recognising that the speed of career progression can be affected by factors unrelated to a person’s scientific potential. Read more about this on their blog.
  • They have launched a new online research career framework which provides an interactive tool that highlights a range of career options available at any stage of a biomedical research career.
    Read the full news story about this new career tool.

External job opportunities

List of external job opportunities for biological sciences postdocs and students - this is a new section with ongoing updates (Access to this page requires a Birkbeck network login)

College room 456A - private, secure space for breast-feeding

Birkbeck has made room 456A available as a private space for breastfeeding. The key is available from the main Reception.