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Profiles of female scientists in the Department

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Katherine Thompson [Photo by Harish Patel, Technical Manager, Department of Psychological Sciences]

Katherine Thompson

Katherine is a Senior Lecturer who oversees the organisation of large undergraduate laboratory courses and a research focussed masters’ program. ‘It’s the fun of teamwork, pulling things together’ that she enjoys about her job, in teaching as well as research.

As a chemist, she trained and worked in several male-dominated laboratories in Oxford, California and Scotland, before settling in London and focussing her research on chemical reactions at interfaces, like the impact of air pollution on the lungs.‘There are not many jobs where you can pick your own research project’, she says, thinking about alternative careers. ‘And I like travelling to various neutron sources meeting other scientists for experiments.’

Her husband is also an academic, and they share raising their two sons and a family dog, while covering their various work committments. Katherine was previously Gender Equality Champion, and is currently Assistant Dean for Student Recruitment in the School of Science.


Past scientist profiles

Tina Daviter

Tina Daviter studied the kinetics of ribosome function in her PhD in Germany and then joined a crystallographic group in Cambridge. During her time at Birkbeck she managed the ISMB Biophysics Centre and encouraged scientists to increase the impact of their own research with complementary experiments. She was a keen advocate for scientists to widen their horizon and collaborate and in her work she built extensive networks with other biophysicists in the UK and Europe, ‘to ensure our standards, enjoy the exchange and to get to travel.’ She also organised the departmental ‘Parent and Carer’ coffee breaks as an informal platform to exchange the experiences of juggling busy home and work schedules.

Staff academic profiles

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