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Video: Eric Kaufmann's lecture on ethnic change in the West

Watch Eric Kaufmann's recent talk on white responses to change: fight, flee, repress, join.

On 25 January, Professor of Politics Eric Kaufmann gave a Be Birkbeck lecture titled Ethnic Change in the West: White Responses.

Professor Kaufmann's talk explored the main white responses to change – fight, flee, repress, join – using quantitative data and historical examples. It concluded with a look into the future of white majorities in the West, and suggested some measures that politicians can take to address the anxieties powering the rise of anti-immigration politics.

Watch the talk here:

Eric Kaufmann is Professor of Politics at Birkbeck. He is the author of Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth (Profile 2010), The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America (Harvard 2004), The Orange Order (Oxford 2007) and Unionism and Orangeism in Northern Ireland since 1945 - with H. Patterson (Manchester 2007). He is co-editor, among others, of Political Demography (Oxford 2012) and Whither the Child: causes and consequences of low fertility (Paradigm 2012), and editor of Rethinking Ethnicity: Majority Groups and Dominant Minorities (Routledge 2004).