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Benefits of Part-Time Study in Higher Education
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Benefits of Part-Time Study in Higher Education

The Benefits of Study project aims to deepen our understanding of the characteristics and motivations of mature part-time students in Higher Education, as well as their study experience and the outcomes of study. The study population are graduates from Birkbeck University of London and from the Open University. Both institutions specialise in part-time Higher Education provision for adults.

The main study was launched in 2003 and designed as a longitudinal study, focusing on the graduates shortly after they had completed their study, and following them up three years later. It is a mixed method study, consisting of both questionnaire surveys and in depth interviews.

A second study, ‘The Adult Years Study’ is a six-year catch-up study of students who enrolled on one of Birkbeck’s Extra-Mural courses in 1999. A baseline survey of these students was conducted in 2000, and a follow-up study was conducted in 2006.

The study is funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies, and led by Anne Jamieson at the School of Continuing Education, Birkbeck. The project team includes researchers from the Open University and the Institute of Education.

For further information contact Anne Jamieson

School of Continuing Education, 26 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DQ. For course information, call 0845 601 0174. To enrol on a course, call 020 7631 6651.