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Be Birkbeck Membership FAQ

If you have any questions about Be Birkbeck Membership you may find an answer in the FAQs below.

If your question is not answered here then please get in touch.


What is Be Birkbeck?

Our first year, 2013, was the 190th anniversary of George Birkbeck's establishment of Birkbeck College. To celebrate this we created Be Birkbeck, a membership scheme designed to give everyone a chance to be part of Birkbeck's academic community. Be Birkbeck enables members to participate in special members' lectures, keep in touch with a newsletter and come to a number of collaborative events.


Why should I join?

Be Birkbeck membership allows you to become part of our unique, research intensive university at the centre of academic London. Members learn about the latest developments in research from our leading academics at special evening lectures and gain access to challenging and thought-provoking lectures with priority booking for high-demand events. Members can access our library of podcasts from previous lectures and can use the Birkbeck library for their own research interests.


How much does membership cost?

Bronze members pay £5 per month or £60 per year if paid in one instalment. For silver members, the cost is £15 per month or £180 per year. Gold membership costs £17 per month or £204 per year.


What is the difference between Bronze, Silver and Gold membership?

  • Bronze membership will allow you to participate in Be Birkbeck members' lectures, receive a newsletter and be invited to a number of collaborative events.
  • Silver membership will give you additional onsite and online access to the library.
  • Gold membership will give you all of the above, as well as borrowing rights from the library.


What are Be Birkbeck events?

Each year we run a series of lectures on varied topics from each of Birkbeck's schools. The lectures are given by our leading academics and each year they follow a theme. For our first year, 2013, the theme was Controversies, for 2014 the theme was War. This year's theme is Identities. We also source tickets from events across Birkbeck exclusively for Be Birkbeck members. In the past we have offered tickets for events including: the Man Booker Prize talk with Hilary Mantel, film screenings and a tour of the Wellcome Library. (Past events can be seen here).


Can I book a ticket to an event without becoming a member?

You can only book a ticket to a Be Birkbeck event if you are a member. Access to these events is one of the benefits we offer members in return for their support. For some events we advertise that members can bring one guest.


How do I book tickets?

To book tickets you will need to go to the event page here and click register. You will then need to login to your Be Birkbeck profile to book your place. Some events allow you to bring a guest. To book a place for them, you will need to email bebirkbeck@bbk.ac.uk with the name of the event and the name and email address of your guest.


How will I know what Be Birkbeck events are coming up?

Our events page is updated regularly with all our events and members receive a monthly email newsletter containing information about upcoming events. You will also receive an email when an event is open for booking.


How do I find out more about the subject of the event?

About a month before each Be Birkbeck event we will upload some reading selected by the speaker to the member's area. The reading is not compulsory for the event, but is available for members who would like more information about the subject discussed.


I missed an event. Is there a recording of the lecture?

Yes, all of our Be Birkbeck lectures are filmed and the videos are available online under the member's area for each event.


What happens if I don't want to receive emails?

If you no longer wish to receive emails about upcoming events, send an email to bebirkbeck@bbk.ac.uk with your request to unsubscribe.

If you would like to opt out of Birkbeck marketing and information emails, you will need to login to your account and under the Manage tab, select Update my communications preferences.


Can I use the library?

Gold and Silver members can access the library. Members with Silver membership can access the online resources and can use the Birkbeck library for reference use.

Gold membership allows members the same access as Silver membership with the additional benefit of borrowing rights for the library, of up to five books.


I have Silver/ Gold membership. What online library resources can I access?

We don't have a definitive list of online resources, but most found here can be accessed: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/lib/elib/databases. The exceptions are: Hein, Lexis Library, Westlaw, Passport and Osiris, which are not accessible to users.


I've forgotten my login details. How do I reset these?

If you know the username or the email address registered to your Be Birkbeck account, you can reset your password here. If you do not know these details then you will need to email bebirkbeck@bbk.ac.uk and ask to have these reset.


I've lost my Be Birkbeck membership card / I haven't received a membership card. How do I order a new one?

If you have lost your Be Birkbeck membership card you can order a new one by logging into your account and clicking on the Action tab and then clicking on Order Be Birkbeck membership card.

Please note, it may take up to 14 days to receive your card in the post. Once you have ordered a new card you will be sent an email with instructions on how to print a temporary membership card.

If you have signed up for Be Birkbeck membership and have not received a new card within 14 days, then please check your address on your account is correct. Members who are also currently students at Birkbeck will not be sent a membership card. These members can use their student card to access the library and attend events.


I am under 18 - can I still be a member?

You have to be 18 or over to join Be Birkbeck.


I don't live in London - can I still be a member?

Yes, Be Birkbeck is open to everyone. Events take place in London, but if you are not able to attend an event, you can watch a video of the lecture online in the members' area. Gold and Silver members can access the online library resources remotely with their login details.


What happens if I want to change my membership tier?

To change your membership tier you will need to email bebirkbeck@bbk.ac.uk.


What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by sending us an email. You will need to give us at least 4 weeks notice.


What happens if I want to cancel the renewal of my membership?

If you pay by direct debit, your membership will be renewed automatically at the end of the year. You will receive an email reminder about this a month before the renewal date. If you do not wish to continue your membership, then you can reply to the email stating this, or you can log into your profile and under the Action tab, select Cancel Renewal.

How do I change my contact details, email address or password?

You will need to login to your Be Birkbeck account and click on the Manage tab.


I've got feedback about membership

Feedback is welcome. Please email any comments and suggestions to bebirkbeck@bbk.ac.uk.


What are the terms and conditions of membership?

You can read the Be Birkbeck membership terms and conditions here.


I've got a question

Please email bebirkbeck@bbk.ac.uk with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call the My Birkbeck Helpdesk team. Click here to find contact details and opening hours.