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Be Birkbeck. Join our membership scheme. Become part of our unique, research-intensive, evening university at the centre of academic London.

  • Take part in special members’ lectures and learn about the latest developments in research from our leading academics.

  • Exchange ideas with other like-minded, intellectually curious members. Receive alerts about films, exhibitions, lectures and workshops in Birkbeck.

  • Gain access to challenging and thought-provoking lectures with priority booking for high-demand events.

  • Extend your knowledge by listening to our expanding library of podcasts given by our distinguished academics.

Be Birkbeck is open to everyone so you do not have to be a graduate or have any previous affiliation with Birkbeck to join our unique community. Become a member from only £5 a month.

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Be Birkbeck is an exciting membership scheme, designed to give everyone a chance to be part of Birkbeck's academic community. You do not need to have any prior affiliation with Birkbeck to join.

There are three tiers of membership.

At £5 per month, bronze membership will allow you to participate in special members' lectures, receive a newsletter and be invited to a number of collaborative events.

At £15 per month, your silver membership will give you additional onsite and online access to the library.

At £17 per month, your gold membership will give you all of the above, as well as borrowing rights from the library.

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Our lectures are designed to inform and to engage you.

Our first year, 2013, was the 190th anniversary of George Birkbeck’s establishment of an educational establishment for working people. To celebrate this – at the time – controversial and innovative decision to offer education to working Londoners, our first lecture series considered Controversies. To commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, our lecture series in 2014 considered War from the perspective of arts, science, law, social science and business.

Our theme for this, our third year, is Identities. We have challenged academics from across the College to address this topical and sometimes controversial issue from the perspective of their own research. So, in response, Dr Virge Eatough will consider what happens to our identities when we undergo deep brain stimulation surgery. Dr Almuth McDowell will discuss our identities in relation to balancing work and life. Dr Heike Bauer will explore how (the victims of) homophobia shaped queer modern culture. Professor David Feldman will look at questions of immigration and identity in Britain since 1945. Later in the year, colleagues in law and social science will also take up the challenge of addressing the theme of identities through their research.

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