Aaron Vansintjan – Film, Media and Cultural Studies Department

Counting money, displacing life: Food, contested valuation, and gentrification in the global north and south

Alistair CartwrightArts and Humanities Department

Doorstep Assemblages: The Borough Group, the New Brutalism and Spatial Politics in Post-war London


Elizabeth YangArts and Humanities

Consuming Memory: ‘Transition Memory’ and the role of Dark Tourism in Northern Ireland


Eva DuBose – History of Art Department

Beyond the Image; Visualising Devotion in Tensta Parish Church

wifi city

Güneş TavmenFilm, Media and Cultural Studies Department

Data-Driven London: Open Data and Smart Citizens


Jana GajdosovaHistory of Art Department
The Charles Bridge: Ceremony and Propaganda in Medieval Prague
2010-2014 (completed)

Miloš KosecArts and Humanities Department

Bartlebian Act as Reappraisal of Architectural Restrain


Nigel Henderson c.1950

Nigel Henderson c.1950

Nic SampsonHistory of Art Department

Brutalism and the Legacy of Mies: Classical modernism and theories of the ‘as-found’

N transept N window, Witney

Nicola LoweHistory of Art Department

Imagery and Experience in the late medieval English parish church: some examples from rural Oxfordshire

Richard Evans

Richard EvansFilm, Media and Cultural Studies Department

Exploring Landscape: Nonfiction Geographies from Scotland and Sweden

Stephen RosserHistory of Art Department

Perspectives on the City of London’s architecture in the age of global markets


Rosemary DayHistory of Art Department

The architectural and Economic Development of three estates in Essex and Suffolk from 1066 -1306


Susan SharpHistory of Art Department

A View Through the Veil: patronage, piety, identity and devotion in the paintings of the later medieval English nunnery, c.1275-1539