The Architecture Space and Society Reading Group meets once or twice a term to discuss a wide range of texts, sites and questions related to architecture and space, across periods, geographies and disciplines.

All meetings are on Thursday, 3-4.30pm

Upcoming meetings and people taking the lead:
8 December: Leslie Topp, Keynes Library
9 February: Peter Fane-Saunders, Gordon Sq B02
16 March: Mark Crinson, Keynes Library
11 May: Lesley McFadyen, Gordon Sq, G02
15 June: Tag Gronberg, Keynes Library

Next one:

Thurs 11 May, 3-4.30pm, in Gordon Sq room G02.

It’ll be led by Lesley McFadyen (History, Classics and Archaeology)

Papers 1 and 3 are from ‘Elements of Architecture. Assembling Archaeology, Atmosphere and the Performance of Building Spaces’ edited by Mikkel Bille and Tim Flohr Sorensen, 2016.

Paper 2 is from ‘The Architecture of Error. Matter, Measure and the Misadventures of Precision’ by Francesca Hughes, 2014.
Paper 4 is from ‘Weather Architecture’ by Jonathan Hill, 2012.
This session aims to explore the creative conditions or elements of architecture and correspondences between archaeology and architecture (so read at least one of the papers from each of he disciplines).
The reason – Tim Ingold, an anthropologist that also works on the archaeological and architectural, has written (in fact keeps writing) that ‘…I wonder whether it might be preferable to think of building not as architectural creations in themselves, but as the instruments of creation, machines for the on-going and never-ending formation of the dwelt-in world. Imagine a history of music that told only of the assembly of its instruments, but from which the music had escaped into the ether. Such, it seems, has been the fate of life in the history of architecture,. We need to bring it back’ (2016:175) – is this (still) accurate or fair?

If you are interested in attending please contact Leslie Topp (, who can send you the readings.