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Solitude and its Spaces across History, Philosophy and Architecture: A Conversation

24 June 2019: an informal conversation between three scholars whose work deals with solitude, isolation, confinement and the rooms, cells and other spaces within which these states are experienced and enforced. Fom the eighteenth century to the present, the discussion will address questions such as: What distinguishes solitude from isolation, a room of one’s own from a cell? And why study the history of these concepts and spaces?

Euston Twilight

22 May 2019: The following are some images that we’ll refer to on our walk today, ‘Euston Twilight: ‘Hotels, Boarding Houses and Luxury Squats in Postwar London’, one of a series of ASSC events for Birkbeck Arts Week. Fig. 1… Continue Reading →

Birkbeck Arts Week: ASSC Events, 20-24 May

20-24 May 2019: Arts Week is Birkbeck’s annual summer showcase of the varied enterprises of our renowned academics, on topics both public and scholarly. Over the course of the week, the College hosts a wide range of events, including lectures, readings, concerts and exhibitions.


6-8 June 2019: This two-day conference will explore old, new and future interconnections between Design History and Architectural History. It will address the disciplines’ shared historiography, theory, forms of analysis and objects of critical enquiry, and draw attention to how recent developments in the one can have significant implications for the other.

Building the World Capitalist System: Albert Kahn Associates of Detroit

15 March 2019: The military-industrial complex of the United States began to take shape before WWI, but became an unprecedented force around WWII, both before and after the war itself. The architectural footprint of US global political and economic power in this period is generally associated with signature embassies, Hilton hotels, and large steel and glass corporate skyscrapers, all increasingly optimized by new building technology.

Changing Objectscapes, Mediterranean Connectivity and the Emergence of the Empire Style in Rome and Paris

8 March 2019: Neo-Classicism, and in particular the variety developed as the Empire Style has long suffered from a bad press because of its political associations, glitter and opulence, and its supposed lack of originality. In this paper Caroline van Eck will argue that it is due for a reconsideration since it was the first European style to result from the radically changed , globalised objectscapes of Rome and Paris.

Conquest and Construction: Architecture and Landscapes in the Medieval Mediterranean

1 March 2019: Much recent scholarship on the medieval Mediterranean focuses on shifting borders and cultural identities. Conquest is one of the causes of such shifts. This one-day symposium will examine how the consequences of conquests were manifested in conquered cities and landscapes, asking how conquerors responded to their new environments and how conquered communities were built and re-built.

Funded PhD studentship: Islamic Architecture and the Modern Museum

Displaying the Invisible: Islamic Architecture and the Modern Museum Principal supervisor – Mark Crinson (Birkbeck) Co-Supervisor – Simon O’Meara (SOAS) Award includes tuition fees and a stipend of £16,777 including London Weighting (at 2018/19 rates, so slightly higher for 2019… Continue Reading →

Emergency Exit: Architecture and the Oil Encounter

8 February 2019: Innovations in architecture often rely on energy transitions: an abundance of coal allowed for the single paned glass façade of the Bauhaus; the Seagram’s building emerged in concert with increased flows of oil.

This talk will focus on the latter case, examining debates around architecture and energy in the 1950s, and exploring the specific means through which design ideas intensified energy demand.

New MA in Architectural History

Birkbeck’s new MA in History of Architecture We are excited to announce our new MA in History of Architecture. The MA will be launched in October 2019 and is already taking applications for admission. Students can also apply for the… Continue Reading →

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