Past Events:

New Books Series: Nicholas Hawksmoor: The Man and the Myth, 4th March 2016

Thinkers in Architecture inaugural lecture; Norbert Nussbaum: From the Belly of the Architect, 12th February 2016

Architecture in Time: The Temporal Conditions of Design, 23rd October 2015

Stefan Muthesius, Tower Block Revisited: Aspects of British Public Housing Post-WWII, 26th June 2015

Jeremy Till ‘Thick Time’ and the launch of Architecture Space and Society Centre, 13th March 2015

Skylines: The Aesthetics of Ascension, 23rd October 2014

Architecture Under Attack: Destruction and Renewal in and after World War I, 30th May 2014

Technophilia, 13th March 2014

Spaces of Pain, 22nd November 2012

Screen Architecture, 28th June 2013

Domesticating Hitler, 8th March 2013

Domes: Past, Present and Future, 29th November 2012

Architecture and Museums: Design on Display, 17th May 2012

Spaces of Dissent: An interdisciplinary workshop on Occupy London, 23rd February 2012

Architecture and Audiences: Representation, Experience, Debate, 8th December 2011

‘Out of Site, in Plain View: the Modernity of the Architecture Exhibition since 1750’, 16th March 2011