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Student Profiles

David Kennedy

BA Theatre Studies and Humanities

'All of the students were determined to learn and we were able to work very constructively.'

Tomas Peters

MPhil/PhD student in Latin American Studies

'Discussions with my supervisor, John Kraniauskas, have been really stimulating.'

Bridget Fuller

BA History of Art

'Studying at Birkbeck has given me so much more confidence in myself.'

Mustapha Sow

BA Journalism and Media

'I would recommend Birkbeck today, tomorrow and every time.'

Domenico Sansalone

BA Journalism and Media

'It was great to get experience and to build contacts within the industry.'

Annabel Hennessy

BA English and Humanities (now on MA Victorian Studies)

'Birkbeck is a very friendly place. From start to finish, everyone was very supportive.'

David Waller

MA Victorian Studies

'Birkbeck really fitted in with my job.'

Simon Bird

MA Cultural and Critical Studies

'The evening classes suited me perfectly, as I could spend my days writing and my evenings studying.'

Jane Clarkson

Creative Writing (Certificate of Higher Education)

'I would absolutely recommend Birkbeck; my experience of the teaching has been great.'

Laura Quinn

MA Romantic Studies

'When you do a search in any journal or database, someone who has taught you at Birkbeck will come up in the first batch of results.'

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