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Student Profiles

Jessica Mortimer

BA German

'The course gave me not just knowledge but enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity and confidence.'

Noe Gomez

BA Modern Languages (Spanish and French)

'Birkbeck has been a ticket to my new life, and is helping me achieve my ambition of becoming a teacher.'

Bea Scheuermann

BA German and Spanish

‘I have reached heights I never thought I could thanks to my studies. Gaining a degree from Birkbeck is my biggest achievement.’

Kathryn Webb

BA Linguistics and Language (French)

'I can see different angles and perspectives that I just wasn’t aware of before.'

Irina Ene

MA Portuguese, Spanish and Latin American studies

'I can see in myself the new skills that I’ve developed at Birkbeck.'

Patricio Geovani Huilca

BA Spanish and Latin America Studies

'I felt proud to be graduating with a University of London degree that would be recognised wherever I went in the world.'

Anne Joseph

MA World Cinema

'The research skills you learn are invaluable. I now have the confidence to develop my ideas.'

Trevor Wornham

BA Language and Culture (Spanish)

'Studying for a BA in Culture and Language has had unexpected benefits in my work as an immigration lawyer.'

Alexandra Chiriac

Graduate Certificate History of Art

'I couldn’t have developed my career in the art world without Birkbeck.'

Aimee Gasston

PhD English

'At Birkbeck you can fit your studies around your life, rather than vice versa.'

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