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Student Profiles

Temilola Raiwe

BA Language (Japanese) with Management

'I’ve found it easy to make friends with my classmates'

Jessica Harrison

MA Victorian Studies

‘The course has been directly relevant to my work in publishing’

Chloe Brunton-Dunn

MA Arts Policy and Management / Digital Archive Coordinator

'I felt like the staff really tried to help me, which I was really grateful for.'

Camila Villegas

MA Arts Policy and Management

2015 recipient of Santander scholarship

‘My teachers here have been really supportive, and have always been available to help me.’

Alejandra Lopez Vazquez

MA Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Cultural Studies

'The course has helped me in many senses, beyond academics and my job; it enriches your life.'

Eva Lauenstein

MA Renaissance Studies

'Doing such a relevant MA helped me get ahead in my career - and made me ambitious for more.'

David Cooper

MA Renaissance Studies

‘The MA gives lecturers a chance to share their research; ‘cutting edge’ is a cliché, but it’s true!’

Christina Bradstreet

PhD History of Art

'Having a PhD, and the networks and teaching experience that I gained at Birkbeck, really helps in my role.'

Simon Goodman

BA Theatre studies and English Literature

'The way students and lecturers support each other is fantastic and gives a real energy to the campus.'

Cath Day

MA Text and Performance

'I think of it as a career reboot - and a very energising one at that.'

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