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Eliane MacKintosh

Martinique, A Short History of Art.

The small island of Martinique is a post-colonial national construct and the history of its visual arts reflects that intrinsic ambiguity : a cauldron of melted ethnicity still boiling, a paradox as a geographically detached department of France on which it depends culturally, economically, and politically; all resulting from the  conundrum of  French regional hegemony and assimilation dogma coexisting with a  complex and unique cultural capital, emerging  from the colonial past with a different, Creole 'Other' identity. And yet that small island has also spawned  its own brief ‘History of Art’, riding on the coat tails of a literary movement, which produced luminaries like Cesaire, Fanon and Glissant. My thesis focuses on that singular post-colonial Art World, in the Caribbean.

Supervisor: Professor Annie Coombes.