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Jennifer van Schoor (History of Art)

The Indian Cashmere Shawl and Social Status in British Art, 1760-1870.

This thesis analyses visual representations of British women wearing the distinctive Indian cashmere shawl, or locally designed shawls ‘made in imitation’, between 1760 and 1870. By contextualising the processes by which this cultural and commoditised Indian object was appropriated and domesticated in Britain, I will demonstrate how the shawl was used to negotiate, challenge or reinforce the interrelationship between status, respectability and femininity over a century.

Supervisor: Professor Lynda Nead

Image credit: George Richmond, Lady Louisa Thynne, 3rd Countess of Harewood, 1855. Oil on canvas. The Earl and Countess of Harewood and the trustees of the Harewood House Trust.