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Elena Parpa (History of Art)

The Possibility of an Island: Visions of Landscape in Contemporary Cypriot Art.

This thesis examines the way notions of landscape are negotiated in the work of contemporary artists coming from Cyprus. It concentrates on the period post-1974, following the island’s division, yet its chronological perspective is expanded to include the example of Adamantios Diamantis (1900-1994), a painter working in the landscape tradition and engaged in the project of depicting landscapes as places of ethnic significance and symbolic meaning. His evocative negotiations highlight the importance of landscape as topos in geographies of contest and provide the basis for discussing the way artists across the Cyprus divide working in diverse media have approached the notion in considering the impact of conflict. In close rapport with their work, landscape is examined as a mute witness of history, as a site of trauma and a place of belonging.

Supervisor: Dr Gabriel Koureas.