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Bloomsbury Studentship in Creative Writing

This deadline for this studentship is past - the information here is for information only.

The School of Arts invite applications for the Bloomsbury Studentship 2015-16 under the supervision of Julia Bell and Dr Jörg Haustein (SOAS). The studentship involves collaboration between both Birkbeck and SOAS with Julia acting as primary supervisor.

The 3 year studentship award will cover fees at the home/EU rate and maintenance at the level recommended by the Research Councils.  Applicants from non-EU countries will be required to meet the additional costs of overseas fees from other sources.  All studentships will be managed in line with the current good practices of all member Colleges.

The project’s aims are to construct a body of fiction and reflective research addressing the multi-layered dialogue between African and African-Caribbean diasporic narratives in London; the focus will be primarily on the influence of Pentecostalism and the evolution of stories.

Using the current research interests of writer and Course Director of the MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, Julia Bell whose new novel, The Dark Light (Macmillan 2015) and work in progress – a memoir called Hymnal – address a childhood steeped in the Pentecostal tradition through the medium of fiction and poetry, and the research of Dr Jörg Haustein from SOAS whose work on Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in Ethiopia, sub-Saharan Africa, and worldwide, offers a unique opportunity for a research student to develop work that is a genuine portrait of a little understood sub-culture of British religious activity.

The candidate should have an intrinsic interest to create a body of fictional literature centred around African and African-Caribbean diasporic communities in London and to research their historical genesis. Ideally this would be based on previous biographical exposure to these communities.

Applicants are advised to discuss their interest with the prospective supervisor Julia Bell before submitting an application.

The successful candidate will participate in the doctoral training programmes at Birkbeck (Creative Writing) and SOAS (Study of Religions). He or she would also benefit from SOAS courses on Pentecostalism in Africa and collaboration in the European Research Network on Global Pentecostalism (GloPent).

Key References:

Allan Anderson, An Introduction to Pentecostalism, 2nd ed. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2013)

Michael Bergunder, et al., Studying Global Pentecostalism: Theories and Methods (Berkeley, University of California Press)

Ogbu Kalu, African Pentecostalism: An Introduction (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2008)

Kingsolver, Barbara, The Poisonwood Bible (Faber & Faber, 1998)

How to Apply:

Please consult the general guidance on applying for an M.Phil/PhD place. You can find a School of Arts Guide for Applicants here. Departmental online pages are full of information about staff and the research environment at Birkbeck that will help you develop your application. All applicants are advised to discuss their interest with the prospective supervisor Julia Bell before submitting an application.

Once you have applied for an M.Phil/PhD place, please download the Bloomsbury Studentship Funding Application Form.

The deadline has now passed.