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Podcasts on Theatre

Writing for a Shakespearean Stage: New plays for the Globe

For the past seventeen years, the reconstructed Shakespeare's Globe has played host to many productions of plays originally written for Elizabethan and Jacobean theatres. But what is the Globe like as a space for the presentation of new writing? How do playwrights approach the task of writing new plays for this distinctive stage? This panel discussion formed part of Birkbeck Arts Week 2014.

Listen to the panel discussion here.

Theatre conversation: To pay or not to pay?

How prevalent is voluntary work in the theatre sector? What is the future of the fringe and unfunded work if legislation outlaws voluntary labour? Is unpaid work a necessary part of an early career, or exploitation? A panel and audience discussion with guests including Anthony Biggs (artistic director of Jermyn Street Theatre) and Paul Fleming (Equity).

Listen to the panel and audience discussion.

Birkbeck and Drama UK Symposium on Actors and employability

Listen to the symposium here.

Theatre Conversation on Higher Education and training for the performing arts

Listen to the conversation here.

On Going On: Sustaining Life in Theatre

A keynote dialogue between Alan Read and David Slater

On Going On: Sustaining Life in Theatre - Managing the Show.

Panel discussion between Andrew McKinnon, Roz Paul, Sara Wookey, Julius Green, Paul W. Fleming.

Listen here.