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About us

The Centre aims to facilitate, exchange and showcase existing and new interdisciplinary research on the History and Theory of Photography at Birkbeck and in the wider photographic and academic community. We recognise that photography is a medium that is at once art, science, commerce, legal or historical evidence, emotional memento, (and many more things besides). We are interested in the materiality of photography throughout the arc of its life – from how it is taken; realized as a tactile as well as visual object (album, print, poster, book, magazine, file, screen); circulated in contexts that might differ widely throughout the lifetime of the photograph (for example from document – historical, legal, scientific, or personal – to ‘art'); and viewed in specific ideological, historical and material circumstances (in the lab, at home, in the gallery, on the ‘phone).

We are committed to working collaboratively and with a range of outputs: reading groups; seminars; conferences; and collaborations with participating Museums and Institutions.