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21-30 November 2013: Breaking the Barriers to Freedom

An exhibition of paintings by artist and film-maker Yvette Vanson.

‘Literal barriers to freedom – the ‘peace walls’ in Belfast; the mine field ‘wall’ in the Western Sahara; the Mexico/USA border barrier and of course the Israeli Apartheid Wall - are merely physical reflections of deeper economic, political, ecological and psychological hurdles to peace and security…I believe speaking out is a first step to changing the seemingly impossible… My work has always been in the creative arena. For several years I was an actress conveying meaning through the words of others; as a filmmaker for 20 years I gave voice to those whose needs and struggles were rarely articulated and reached millions of viewers in the process.

Since 2004 as a painter I endeavour to give expression to the unseen, the marginalized; to convey the depths of their privation and yet their defiance against injustice and exploitation.

Screenings of three of Vanson’s  award winning documentaries as an introduction to the exhibitions also took place in the Birkbeck Cinema in October/November: